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Welcome to DURHAM Public Schools!

We are thrilled for your family to explore what makes DPS the choice for all Durham students to learn and grow.

We know your child’s educational journey is important. From high-quality curriculum to top-notch educators and unmatched opportunities for learning, you can rest assured that DPS is the destination to success for your student.

Durham is creative, inclusive and diverse. What Durham prides itself on most is evident within our 54 schools. We ignite the limitless potential of our students each day through learning and exploration. We embrace each student for the unique individuals they are while cultivating their achievement. We celebrate the differences among us while gaining understanding for our commonalities and the things that unite us. At DPS, it’s about whole child development, and we’re certain your family will find our school community to be the best environment to prepare your child for future success.

It’s an exciting time to join the DPS family.

Our district is growing! We’re building new schools while making the necessary updates and renovations to existing ones so that our students are learning in state-of-the-art facilities that are welcoming, safe and energy-efficient. Through our community’s support, we can enhance learning for our students.

Relocating or changing schools can be challenging for families. We’re here to connect you with the information and resources you need to ensure that your child’s transition is seamless. We look forward to having you join the DPS family.

Pascal Mubenga, Ph.D.


Durham Public Schools is among the 10 largest school districts in North Carolina, serving more than 31,000 students across 54 schools in Durham County. Options abound at DPS. We offer 23 magnet and career and technical education programs ranging from the arts to Spanish immersion and Montessori to International Baccalaureate, offering extraordinary choices for students and families. Additionally, our district includes specialty schools, year round calendar schools, and early college and middle college programs. With nationally recognized schools, exclusive partnerships and unique learning opportunities, it’s no wonder that DPS students excel inside and outside of the classroom.

You are in good hands with DPS. Our greatest asset is our talented teachers and staff. Our more than 5,100 employees are dedicated to student excellence, and that is exhibited through the time they invest in children but also in the investment they make in their professional development that enhances learning. DPS ranked among the top 30 districts in the nation for the number of National Board Certified Teachers.

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From Our Families…

My third grader has experienced love, academic growth, and fun experiences during her four years at school at Pearsontown Elementary. Durham Public Schools embraces its diverse community and provides opportunities for all students to make friends, learn, give back, and enjoy school. I am so grateful that my child has been able to learn with the best teachers I could have asked for, all while having a chance to be part of a community that sees the 'big picture' of how to prepare these young children for the global world they will enter as adults!

Chrissy Slavinsky
Parent, Pearsontown Elementary School

From the top down, the culture of DPS is about nurturing the whole child and meeting them where they are in their education. I have so much confidence in what my child can achieve in Durham Public Schools and have been thrilled to watch her accomplish her goals and exceed our expectations. In the wake of Covid-19, DPS has been creative and comprehensive in their plan for their diverse student body, and catering to the needs of every family in the county. I am very proud and thankful to be a part of this school system.

Colleen Ellis
Parent, Ignite Online Academy

I was immediately impressed after making the switch to DPS last year. I ‘ve found Durham Public Schools has more resources, support, and opportunities for my children to grow and thrive. The pandemic has reinforced my belief that DPS is the place for all families. Adjusting to virtual learning has been a seamless transition for my kids, and for me, to support their education. Other acquaintances who have recently transitioned to public schools and I all agree that DPS leadership is providing the best resources and training for our teachers and students.

Jennifer Schaefer
Parent, Oak Grove Elementary School

I have been a DPS parent for more than 15 years. My eldest children have gone on to UNC-Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem State University. The pathways available to them allowed them to pursue their individual interests and strengths. I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities and offerings DPS provides for its students and families. The education my children have received has proven to be an invaluable foundation on which my children are building the lives and careers they desire.

Vikki Leathers
Parent, Rogers Herr Middle School

We love DPS because it is multilingual, multiracial and multicultural. We appreciate the creation of the Multilingual Resource Center to give more focus to interpretation for the diverse families who need it.

Maria Solis
Parent, Hillside High School

We love DPS for its commitment to serving all students. Passionate teachers and administrators go above and beyond to ensure that the unique needs of our kids are met with compassion and care. As part of the diverse DPS family, our kids are not only learning necessary academic standards, but skills for living in a community with different ideas and experiences that will serve them—and Durham—well for the future.

The Larkin Family

We chose DPS for our daughter because we wanted her to learn in a diverse environment that challenges her intellectually. We also wanted her to attend a school where she could participate in fine arts electives. DPS provided just that. We love DPS!

Silver Mumford
Parent, Durham School of the Arts


Academics is our business, and students are achieving great success in DPS. We are preparing each student for a bright future by providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the real world. We personalize our approach to learning to meet the needs of our diverse community of learners.

DPS is committed to the academic excellence of all students and we believe every child can succeed. We work with students as early as kindergarten to nurture their talent and potential. For our youngest students, we focus on critical thinking skills and character development. As they grow, we engage them in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education, International Baccalaureate programs, Advanced Placement courses and Honors classes.

Students leave DPS with a quality education, and are prepared for their future whether it be college or career. DPS students graduate with skills they’ve honed in career and technical education classes that can jumpstart employment or help them further their academic pursuits.

From Our Staff…

Durham is a place that values innovation, acceptance, and equity. These same values are reflected in DPS through innovation with technology as a 1 to 1 district, acceptance with love for all our students, and equity through reflective practice and action by our teachers. These values coupled with our amazing, talented, and bright students make DPS a wonderful place to be!

Caroline Brickhouse
2021-22 DPS Teacher of the Year, Githens Middle School

For me, the best thing about being a teacher is the ongoing opportunity I have to form relationships with our school community, including parents, families, and especially my students. My goal as a teacher is to create an environment where my students feel seen and valued as individuals so they feel engaged and empowered as learners.

Every day I get the opportunity and privilege to help enrich the minds of our future. The environment and team of people with who I work with help me enjoy what I do.

Alexandra Morales
Spoken Language/Behavior Facilitator,

A teacher does not always see the fruits of their labor until many years later; however, the results of our efforts are what I have enjoyed the most about teaching in Durham Public Schools. The relationships that we have built while those young minds sat in our classrooms, and then witnessing their achievements throughout the years as they make their own decisions is why I love being a DPS teacher.

Amanda McCall
Teacher, Carrington Middle School

I have taught pre-K to 8th graders visual art for over 20 years in DPS. I enjoy seeing creativity grow in students as they learn to use their expression and style in new ways. DPS provides fertile ground for our creative students to show their talents in numerous art shows, galleries, talent shows, plays, marching bands, and world class creative venues of all kinds. I am proud to be part of a district which places a strong emphasis on the arts.

Malcolm Goff
Teacher, Brogden Middle School

The best part of teaching in DPS is our brilliant students, whose wit and wisdom challenge me to be a better educator every day! It also matters to me that our district administration and Board of Education value the voices and perspectives of the educators, students, and families who are the heart of our school communities.

Holly Jordan
Teacher, Hillside High School

DPS is a place that values the voices of the teachers and the students. Teaching is more than just going over curriculum and getting the lesson in. Teaching is about the wonderful and beautiful connections formed with the wonderful and beautiful young souls who enter my classroom every year.

Kenya Blackwell
Teacher, Jordan High School

My favorite parts about DPS are the students and the connections with students and staff. The creativity of our students is beyond believable. We all work as a team and treat each other as family.

Kiera Wooding
Teacher, Githens Middle School

I love interacting with our students from rich, diverse backgrounds and helping them overcome obstacles in academics and life. I am thankful to work for DPS where I am provided multiple opportunities to do what I love.

Reagan Murphy
Teacher, Spring Valley Elementary School

STUDENT Programs & Services

Education is just the beginning at Durham Public Schools. We’re focused on whole child development. We offer a vast array of programs and services that support our students’ social-emotional learning as well as align them with resources and therapies tailored to any special needs. Additionally, our extracurricular activities and specialized programs.

  • Early Childhood Programs
  • Magnet & CTE Pathways
  • Exceptional Children’s Program
  • Extracurricular Activities

Early Childhood Programs

Early education goes beyond numbers, colors, letters and shapes. Pre-K at DPS starts your child on the path to a bright future. In pre-K, students establish a foundation for life-long learning and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that correlate to future academic success.

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Magnet & CTE Pathways

Nearly half of DPS schools have magnet programs, offering a multitude of options for students and families. Through tailored, innovative programming, we provide students with experiences that enrich their education while exposing them to a world of possibilities.

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Exceptional Children’s Program

Every student succeeds at DPS. Our Exceptional Children’s Program ensures that students with disabilities receive a quality education that allows them to reach their full potential while actively engaging in opportunities that enhance learning. Students have access to the same general curriculum as all DPS students in an environment best suited to their learning needs.

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Extracurricular Activities

From the arts to athletics, DPS offers a variety of extracurricular activities that develop leadership skills and encourage creative thinking that supports academic performance.

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Learn More About Athletics

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Why DPS Is The

For Your Family…


Access for All Students

DPS’s 1:1 technology initiative ensures that all students have a device and the connectivity needed to access digital tools that enhance learning.

Community and Family Support

Parents are students’ first teachers and advocates. That’s why DPS has its own program dedicated to supporting parents as they support their student. Family Academy delivers meaningful programs and services that keep families connected to their school communities and student thriving.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

Did you know DPS has its own 30-acre farm, forest and aquatic outdoor learning center? Hub Farm engages students, teachers and the community in environmental education and career development. We’re sprouting scholars and opportunities for hands on learning.

Pathways to College and Career

DPS students are ready for the future whether it be college or career. Through expanded learning opportunities, DPS students have access to programs that offer job training and college level courses that offer college credit or an associate degree.

Pride in Diversity

Our diverse school communities make us stronger. We celebrate the uniqueness of each student and strive to provide a high-quality, equitable education for all.  Our welcoming, safe and supportive learning environments support student success.

Relevant Education

Our students participate in innovative learning every day! Curriculum that reflects the world in which we live is essential to our learning community.  At DPS, we connect concepts and skills to everyday life and real-world situations, ensuring that student engagement soars.

Student Focused

Your child’s education is our top priority. That’s why DPS takes academics and social-emotional learning into account as we develop our scholars. By focusing on the whole child, we provide a foundation for all students to succeed while meeting their needs.

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